All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference (APCPC)


The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a not-for-profit organization and was established in 1952 with the vision to “Empower Business”. Today we are proudly serving more than 7000 members from a wide industrial and trade sectors of the region. We focused on building healthy and resilient economy within and internationally.

To acknowledge the exceptional talent existing in our country, RCCI remains active throughout the year in several and distinctive events through which RCCI has proven its mettle as an effective organization empowering business by constantly safeguarding the interests of the business community at local, regional, national and international platforms. Over the years, amongst many other dignified initiatives taken by RCCI; a prominent is creating a platform for Business Community Leaders of Pakistan to discuss the concerns faced by the business community and seek solutions to be presented and advocated in front of the business community and Government in the form of All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference (APCPC). RCCI has been consecutively organizing APCPC annually, comprising a representation of Presidents of all Chambers and Business Association across Pakistan. The objective is to unite the representatives of all trade associations of Pakistan and to assert a united and dominant influence on significant economic issues which by so far has triumphed. The concern that stimulated the idea of APCPC, was VAT. Later the conference broadened its scope and a number of other Economic, Trade and Development issues were brought under discussion.

10th All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference (APCPC) - International

Subsequent to successful Nine Chapters of All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference, RCCI is looking forward to hold a conference having an international representation along with the dignatries of national and international level to not only augment the image of Pakistan but also to provide an empirical and enhanced approach to the specifics of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a part of the mega project “One Belt One Road”; providing and analyzing the prospectives about trade opportunities with connecting regions.

The “10th All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference - International” is to be held in the first week of March, 2018 at Peral Continental Hotel – Gwadar. More than 75% attendees of the event would be the Presidents of Chambers from all across Pakistan. The combined engagement of Government Institutions, Chambers Presidents, International Dignitaries and representation of major political parties in this event would offer long lasting benefits to the stakeholders.

Why Gwadar?

The key intention for particularly allocating Gwadar as a venue for this event; is because of it’s Geopolitical and Strategic importance. Here, it is imperative to comprehend the fact that every partaker of CPEC is connected with the Gwadar either directly or indirectly; however, the de facto cognizance of the CPEC is barely known to even most of the major economic players.

Gwadar is a port city and due to its growing significance under the ambit of CPEC, it has become more attractive to the business community. Choosing Gawadar as our destination for 10th APCPC-I will also give a chance to the participants to witness the Industrial development in the port city of Gawadar. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a framework of regional connectivity and Gwadar is certainly the major gateway of OBOR. CPEC will not only benefit China and Pakistan, but will have a positive impact on connecting regions, namely Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics and other regions.

According to The Economist Group[1], the rhetoric around Gwadar is buoyant and aspirational, even grandiose. Proponents refer to a "key shipping point", "enormous strategic lure", a "jewel in Pakistan's economy" and a "new Asian trade nucleus". Visions of huge economic rewards tantalise investors. According to the Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, attracting a mere 5% of China's international cargo volume to Gwadar could earn up to US$6bn for the trucking, freight forwarding and warehousing sectors, creating 9,000 new enterprises and 400,000 jobs along the way.



RCCI has always endeavoured to play its role in the progress and prosperity of our country by taking steps to boost the trade specifically in Rawalpindi region and giving a push to the economy wheel. By this mega project, RCCI wants to achieve the following objectives.

  • To evidently analyze the Gwadar Port, in order to comprehend the mega project of CPEC as a key section of the OBOR
  • To observe the Industrial development in the port city of Gawadar
  • To create awareness among the business community of Pakistan to all intents and purposes regarding the importance and cognizance of CPEC
  • To engage the Chambers and Commerce realted departments of neighbouring countries and to provide them a platform to analyze the prospectives about trade opportunities in the context of CPEC
  • Create and strengthen a network of Private Sector Leadership in Pakistan to develop a consensus regarding the matters of CEPC
  • Monitor legislative developments with an eye towards Business related policies in Pakistan; including the areas of taxation, exports, trade relations, Foreign Investments and Energy Sector to ensure that they are business friendly and contribute toward strengthening the private sector
  • Organize Dialogue of Leaders of Business Community with representatives of Governments and Political representation to identify their perspectives and raise a unified voice through Policy Advocacy that would provide the best possible solutions
  • Advocate proposals that would address the key issues faced by the business community at a national and international level
  • To recognize and value the efforts of the Pak-Army in the establishment of CPEC

 Event Details

Aspects of Conference
  • 02 Days Conference
  • Focused on Two Segments: National Economic Issues & CPEC (Energy, Transport Infrastructure, Gwadar and Regional Economic Leeways)
  • Port and Gwadar City Visit.
  • Presidents of over 50 regional Chambers across Pakistan
  • Representatives from Major Trade Associations across Pakistan
  • Members and Leaders of Political Parties also participate in the discussions
  • The representative of Ministry of Commerce and Foreign Affairs
  • Representatives from Development Partners
  • International Dignitaries (Ambassadors & International Chambers Representatives) as observers
  • Pak-Army Personnel as major collaborator


RCCI is proud of its achievements regarding All Pakistan Chambers Presidents’ Conference during the last 09 years; which resulted due to the unanimous declaration(s) by the leaders of the business community in form of the proposed steps that were taken by the Government. Including Matters of Taxation, Energy Sector Reforms, Trade Policy Reforms having Regional & Domestic approach, Women Empowerment, Law & Order Situation, Nonconventional Sectors etc.

In year 2018, RCCI will organize 10th All Pakistan Chambers President’s Conference - International (In-Sha Allah); that is of unique significance due to the upcoming Government Elections in year 2018. It will not only provide a pragmatic facility to understand the CPEC but also an opportunity for the business community to express their grievances and streamline their demands and issues to be taken forward to a governmental level, so that serious steps be taken by the Government in order to achieve benefits. Without a doubt, this conference has always focused to manifest the interest of Pakistan concerning its economic issues and currently the gratis endeavour of RCCI is to comprehend and highlight the flair of Pakistan.

Pictures from the Last Event

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