Who can participate in the exhibition?
Any business organization member and non-member can participate in the exhibitions.
Where can I get the required information?
You can get the required information from the RCCI facebook page, website and you may call the fairs & exhibitions department for further details at the following numbers;

Tel: 051-8433068

Fax: 051-5111055

Email: fne@rcci.org.pk

What type of exhibitions do you organize?
We organize exhibitions both at national and international level.
How to participate in local exhibitions and foreign exhibition?
In order to participate in exhibition visit RCCI website and download the application form. Fill this form and email it to fairs & exhibitions department at fne@rcci.org.pk
What are the requirements for participating in foreign exhibitions?
Required Documents for Visa:-

  • Original Passport,
  • 4 Photograph Passport size,
  • Fresh Tax Return and NTN Certificate,
  • Bank Statement of Last Six Months,
  • Recommendation letter from Chamber of Commerce,
  • Photo copy of ID card with English Translation,
  • Blank two letter head forms,
Do you have any package for participating in foreign exhibitions?
Yes we do have a complete package consisting of stall, visa processing, cargo and accommodation.