Pakistan - UK Trade opportunities conference

Time: 09:00 - 15:00

Date: 12/12/2017

 Venue: Hyatt Regency Birmingham

Division: International Business Hub

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Event Description:

Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a legacy of providing diverse forums for the development and interaction of business community of Pakistan across the world. Businessmen utilize these forums to showcase their products and services and to expand the country's exports to the international markets.

Moreover these events and forums help to improve the bilateral trade relations between the two countries. These events serve as generator of economic growth and development but also help to achieve the overall economic development objective.

We have also successfully organized two international exhibitions in Manchester, UK in the year 2013 and 2014. The first exhibition was held under the banner of MADE IN PAKISTAN EXHIBITION from July 4-8, 2013 and the second exhibition was held with the name of INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS, PAKISTAN BUSINESS FESTIVALS from August 14-17, 2014. After the over whelming response of these two activities, now we are organizing "Pakistan-UK Trade Opportunities and Investment Conference" at Hyatt Regency Birmingham, UK on December 12, 2017.

Pakistan and UK have close ties and multidimensional relationships and are working on paving ways for enhancing the bilateral trade and business relations between the two countries in different sectors. Both Pakistan and the United Kingdom are members of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.

Why UK?

A Large number of Pakistanis are residing in United Kingdom. This resident population includes those who have been migrated to UK years before and have been settled there since long time, and are known as British Pakistanis. However, a large number of Pakistanis are also settled there and are either employed or self-employed. These resident Pakistanis are considered as one of the largest overseas Pakistani communities and have the high levels of home ownership in UK. These citizens also have diverse contributions and influence on British society in the field of business, politics, culture, economy and sports.

Significant number of Pakistanis are also working in the food, transport, steel & textiles industry and retail sector or are running their family businesses. The foreign remittances made by these Pakistanis to their home land are the largest in volume.

Keeping in view the significant progress that has been made by Pakistanis in the business growth and the increase in the volume of foreign remittances, we are very optimistic to provide an interactive platform to all these businessmen to establish a direct interaction with their mother land to enhance business ties between Pakistan and UK. Both countries have a wide scope to strengthen their cooperation in the areas of trade, science, economy, education and bilateral investment.

Who will Attend?

The business personalities across the Pakistan including Presidents of different chambers of commerce of Pakistan, Heads of Business Associations, Multinationals, Foreign Investors, Exhibitors, Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs and CEOs will attend the conference.


The trade opportunities and investment conference shall be patronized by the respective Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan and High Commission of Pakistan in UK and is focused on providing a platform for Pakistan's corporate & business entities to interact with corporate groups of UK in the following areas of interest.

• Information sharing on Industrial Investment Opportunities in Pakistan and UK
• Identification of business opportunities in Pakistan and UK and connecting them with right counterparts
• Benefits of investing in Pakistan, UK and CPEC.
• Joint Ventures Contract
• Research & Development collaborations
• Technology Transfer Opportunities
• Textiles
• Business Consultancy Services
• Construction & housing
• Property and Real Estates
• Food & Agriculture
• Health & Pharmaceuticals
• Sports goods
• Furniture
• Jewellery
• Pharmaceuticals
• Surgicals
• Automobile and Allied Industry


Delegation of 50 businessmen from all across Pakistan will attend the conference and will highlight the different business areas and sectors of Pakistan which will not only help in augmenting the various prospects of bilateral trade but will surely help in bringing foreign investment in the country.
The conference will be followed by B2B sessions among different businessmen and their counterparts  to seek the potential ways of carrying out joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.
However a visit of local chambers of commerce and industries is also the part of this activity which will help the delegates to learn and experience the practical knowledge of the daily basis activities of these organizations.


Learning and knowledge exchange among Conference participants from different sectors and backgrounds will help in winning the desired anticipated outcome of the "Pak-UK Trade Opportunities and Investment Conference". These anticipated outcomes may include; joint ventures and mergers among the well placed businesses of both countries.
Display of soft image of Pakistan will also be the major byproduct of this activity as it will give an impact of Pakistan as a peaceful and lively nation which undoubtedly, hospitality the foreign investments and business in Pakistan and is urged to increase the exports of the two countries. However the definitive advantage of this conference is that it will assist both countries in benefiting their bilateral trade.



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