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Rawalpindi is famous for its ancient and historical places, but unfortunately there is a lack of identification for this region for a long time. Over the time it is realized that new approaches are required to safe the history, culture and beautification of Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) initiated to revitalize its recognition and its economy as a whole. In order to revive back the beauty of Rawalpindi City, RCCI and PHA (Parks and Horticulture Authority) signed an MOU to restore the city’s beauty and its heritage. So under the ambit of this, RCCI has launched new flagship project with the entitlement of “Glorious Rawalpindi” The prime objective of Glorious Rawalpindi Project is to give an alluring make-over to the city by reviving back the beauty and Tranquility of the city along with improvement of the city’s pollution ranking and better ecology plus to have metropolitan city status for Rawalpindi along with plantation campaign to make the environment clean and green.

This act of RCCI will make this city a tourist attraction place which will ultimately uplift the economic growth of Rawalpindi Region. Despite above all, RCCI has successfully planted one hundred thousand trees in Rawalpindi Region under the slogan of “My Green Pakistan”. Moreover, the issue of water scarcity RCCI initiated mass awareness on conservation of water by “Save Water and Conserve Water” slogan to educate and aware our young generation about the importance for the conservation of water resource in order to sustain it for coming generation. However, for a new look to the city; RCCI is working with utter sincerity to revive back beauty and tranquility of the city. RCCI hopes that Rawalpindi will soon have the “Metropolitan City” status, along with a well-developed industrial zone with clean and green environment.

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Assistant Secretary / HOD
Media & Communication
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Syeda Hanana Yousaf

Ms. Syeda Hanana Yousaf

Brand Manager
Media & Communication

Syed Waseem Ahmed

Media & Communication
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Main Segments Under this Project

  • Beautification of the city.
  • Development and redecoration of Parks, Roundabouts, Green belts, Green Verges, Central Medians and Playgrounds.
  • Establishment and enhancement of food streets and recreational sports.
  • Tree plantation and Save Water Campaign.
  • Establish wholesale market across ring road project and construct high rise buildings on the sides of Nala Lai Road.


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