Fairs and Exhibition Department
UAN 111 722 475 Ext. 107, 117
Direct Line (051) 843 3068

Introduction to Fairs and Exhibitions Department

RCCI fairs & exhibitions department is the top notch resource for the development of business, we provide our valuable members the most accredited platform for the exponential growth of their business around the globe.

Our basic aim is to give each & every event and exhibition a different meaning and a vision with true professionalism to pave the roads of the corporate & consumer exhibitions.
Our core belief is to seek new ways to give our valued customers a highly profiled exhibitions or expos where they can visualize their business flourishing in the right way.

RCCI fairs and exhibition department endow with exposure to the world’s leading markets as well as networking opportunities to its exhibitors.

RCCI fairs & exhibitions offers numerous vibrant and well-attended events including exhibitions and conferences at national and international level that gives access to business contacts and build network by increasing visibility through these opportunities.

Connect with RCCI Fairs & Exhibitions department to explore emerging growth markets of the world.

Our Team

Please contact Team F&E for any assistance

Mrs. Amara Saleem

Deputy Secretary F&E and IA

Mr. Arsalan Shaheryar

Senior Officer F&E

Mr. Haris Rabbani

Senior Officer F&E

Azhar Mehmood Mughal

Mr. Azhar Mehmood Mughal

Officer F&E

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