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Introduction to Business Resource Centre (BRC) Department

Business Resource Centre (BRC) was instituted in late 2000. Ever since its establishment, BRC is positively committed to facilitate business community of Rawalpindi by engaging rigorously in research, discussions and consultations along with fostering ideas for RCCI members and stakeholders to widen the bases of businesses to achieve better outcomes through lobbying on their behalf. Small and medium size enterprises dominate the bulk of RCCI’s membership. The BRC department, together with the government of Pakistan, interact with micro and macro businesses, by providing them futuristic vision, quality managerial and innovative options to improve their competitiveness. Moreover, BRC department take up the issues, that affect RCCI members, seriously.

Today BRC Division of RCCI is admired by various think tanks, research organizations and government bodies. BRC minimizes the stress associated with export documentation compliance by providing timely trade related assistance and certification services needed by business community in their import and export transactions. BRC seek to strengthen the functional knowledge of businessman by holding seminars, training sessions, awareness campaigns etc. It is consulted regularly by government and international agencies on national and international policy matters and is also recognized as the formidable contributor to policy advocacy and productivity for sustainable Economic Development in the knowledge-based economy by promoting equity and social justice.

Function of BRC Department

Following section outlines BRC facilitation services and research on relevant issues:

  • Undertakes Research reports & projects on social and economic issues.
  • Federal budget proposal.
  • Succoring standing committee meetings.
  • Proposals and suggestions regarding trade policies to the government.
  • Negotiates B2B meetings with foreign delegations.
  • Addressing and solving business queries.
  • Organizing seminars, Workshops, Conferences etc.
  • Crafting president’s speeches.
  • Devising the economic outlook.
  • Administering corporate training programs.

Our Team

Please contact Business Resource Centre (BRC) Team for any assistance

Ms. Sigma Shamoon

Assistant Secretary BRC Department

Ms. Hira Fatima

Senior Officer BRC

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